Collection: Kaioshin

Introducing Kaioshin - a breathtaking revere of the evolution that arises from disruptions. Kaioshin symbolises the grounding force by your side as you are propelled forward from your own progress.

Kaioshin translates to - 'God of Creation'. The collection's guiding principle is the coexistence of opposite interconnected forces like fluidity and structure - an homage to the Japanese Inyo.

Inspired by the ancient Japanese techniques - Wabi Sabi and Kintsugi, Kaioshin is an ode to the inherent beauty that lies within imperfections. Kaioshin is a celebration of YOU-in all your seeming little 'imperfections' and trivialities that make up for your unique and vivacious self.

Kaioshin entails delicate fabrics sporting artwork that tells a story. Illustrations of volcanic eruptions stand synonymous with evolution arising from disruption. The vibrant palette and breezy silhouette plays with the idea of letting go and embracing fluidity. Detailed and intricate illustrations especially that of trees from the Japanese archipelago symbolise structure and stability.

Kaioshin is not only for those who care about fashion; it is also for those who value the skill and craftsmanship that go into producing something truly outstanding. Every garment with its every detail is a monument to the enduring beauty of flaws and a portrayal of the magnificent beauty of the world that we live in.