About Designer

Khushboo Haran Borkar
As the desert sands and the shoreline collided, Goan colours and the aroma of Rajasthan were released. Hailing from Rajasthan and now based in Goa- Khushboo Haran Borkar, and her experimentation with pairings extends well beyond her background and inspirations. She holds a master's degree in fashion and a bachelor's degree in fine arts with a concentration in applied arts, which have given her a thorough understanding of the design ethos in fashion and what it means to the contemporary woman. Her design ethos is centred around paying homage to the rich Indian culture and adding a spin of modern sophistication to it.

Her clothing is renowned for its vivid hues, elaborate embroidery, and sumptuous materials.

Every garment in Khushboo's line has been meticulously made to encapsulate the spirit of both rich, verve-filled ethnic clothing and reliable modern wear. Khushboo's creations are a real celebration of her Rajasthani ancestry and transcendent femininity, ranging from flowing silky garments with hand-embroidery and delicate beadwork. This, along with her experiments with a variety of textiles and material treatments, shows her propensity for invention.
The calibre and attention to detail of Khushboo’s creations reflect her commitment to her art. She collaborates closely with regional craftspeople to incorporate age-old methods into her designs, guaranteeing that each is one-of-a-kind and of the greatest calibre.

Fashion aficionados who value refinement and colour in clothing have developed a devoted following for her creations.

Khushboo Haran Borkar is a high-end designer who has discovered a way to honour her Rajasthani ancestry while embracing the carefree attitude of Goa. She is a rising star in the world of luxury fashion, and her creations are a genuine homage to the elegance and variety of Indian fashion.