About Brand

About Brand
In only seven years after being found in 2015, the brand Khushboo Haran Borkar, or KHB, has established itself as a remarkable manifestation of a palette of vivacious hues and exquisite embellishments.

Khushboo Haran Borkar's designs are a perfect blend of traditional Indian craftsmanship with modern silhouettes, making it a favourite among fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of traditional and contemporary styles. The brand is renowned for its elaborate style, which is achieved with premium organza, silks, and linens.

The brand’s identity centres around the fusion of Indian and contemporary fashion, allowing fashion enthusiasts to embrace their cultural roots and express their unique style. The brand's ethnic designs are an ode to the designer's Rajasthani heritage and Goan abode.

Khushboo Haran Borkar’s logo contains a stylised silhouette of a Jharokha window, a classic feature of Rajasthani palaces and havelis. The window's design, which uses a rich gold tone in its outline, exudes wealth and elegance. The window's exquisite embellishments, which reflect the designer's cultural roots, are inspired by Rajasthani art and crafts.

A palm tree is prominently displayed within the Jharokha window as a tribute to Goa, the designer's current residence. The palm tree is shown in a vivid green hue to emphasise Goa's rich tropical setting. Behind the palm tree, a rising sun- is what brings the glitzing Goan shore and golden Rajasthani desserts together. It is a representation of the brand's desire to soar to new heights and enthusiastically embrace the future.

The use of vibrant colours is a hallmark of KHB’s designs, with each piece featuring a bold and striking colour palette that evokes a sense of joy and celebration. The delicate fabrics used in their designs are carefully selected to enhance the beauty of the colours and embroidery. The ornamentations and dramatic accents on the patterns are intended to make you stand out in the best way possible.

The brand also features Western and Indian clothing in addition to Indo-Western amalgamations - to sweep any fashionista off their feet! The excellent haute couture has earned favourable reviews and caught the attention of many conscientious fashion enthusiasts.

Khushboo Haran Borkar is a high-end label that honours the virtues of Indo-Western fusion. The brand is a great option for fashion-forward people who value the blending of classic and modern trends.